• Abdelhafez Alsawy

    He is an Egyptian economist. He has many economic writings, including: The Post-Revolution Balance, the Employment of Zakat Funds in the Muslim World, A Development Vision, and the Egyptian Economy between the Taxes and the Zakat.
  • Abdul Ghani Mezouz

    He is a Moroccan researcher, specialized in Islamic movements.
  • Adel Rafik

    He is an Egyptian translator and journalist. He studied English literature at Cairo University, where he got his B.A. in 1986. He started his career at Ummah Press in 1987, and recently, he worked as Editor-in-Chief of Middle East Observer.
  • Amina Della

    Assistant Professor of political sciences, faculty of law and political sciences in Hassiba Bu Ali University (Algeria), Specialized in strategic studies.
  • Amr Darrag

    Professor-Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University Chairman Egyptian Institute for Political and Strategic Studies Former Minister at Minister of Planning and International Cooperation (Egypt)
  • Ashraf Dawaba

    Professor of Economy, Islamic Economics and International Finance, Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University
  • Attieh Adlan

    Dr. Attieh Adlan is an Egyptian thinker and academic. He is a former professor of jurisprudence and its fundamentals and legal policy at Medina University. ‘Legal Provisions of Political Disasters’ and ‘Encyclopedia for Jurisprudential Rules of Financial Transactions’ are among the books that he has written.
  • Badr Shafei

    Dr. Badr Hassan Shafei is an Egyptian academic. He obtained his PhD in Political Sciences from Cairo University in 2011, and he is specialized in African Studies. ‘Conflict Resolution in Africa’ and ‘Role of Private Security Companies in African Conflicts’ are among the books he has written.
  • Eman Ahmed

    Egyptian researcher, PhD in Political Science, 2016 Master of Political Science, Cairo University, 2008
  • Francesca Borri

    Italian writer, and a researcher in the Middle East issues.
  • Haitham.Ghoniem

    He is an Egyptian researcher and human rights activist.
  • Hanan Amarna

    Palestinian researcher, Master in International Relations, Al-Quds University, 2012.
  • Jamal Delh

    Professor of Political Science and Head of Politics & Economics Dept. at Institute of African Research and Studies - Cairo University
  • Khaled Fouad

    He is a researcher at the Egyptian Institute for Political and Strategic Studies. He is specialized in the international relations and Middle East issues.
  • Mostafa Elnemr

    Egyptian political scientist, preparing for a master's degree in political science, ISTANBUL AYDIN UNIVERSITY, Turkey
  • Mohamed Abu Saada

    Palestinian researcher, doctorate in political science from Turkish Sakarya University. Researcher in Egyptian institute.
  • Mahmoud Gamal

    He is an assistant researcher, and supervisor of the Monitoring and Documentation Unit at the Egyptian Institute for Political and Strategic Studies.
  • Mohamed Kamal

    He is an Egyptian politician, and former member of the Political Bureau of the ‘6th. April Youth Movement’.
  • Osama Alrashidi

    Egyptian researcher and journalist; Bachelor in Media, Cairo University, 2010; planning producer in Al-Jazeera Media network, Qatar
  • Said Elhaj

    Palestinian doctor, writer, and a researcher in the Turkish issues.
  • Samir Alarki

    he is an Egyptian writer and media man, specialized in the affairs of Islamic groups and movements. He has many researches and studies in dealing with issues of Islamic thought,
  • Tarek Diab

    He is an Egyptian political researcher, specialized in the international relations and the Middle East.
  • Yomna Sulieman

    Egyptian political researcher, at the Egyptian Institute for Political and Strategic Studies (eipss).