Egyptian Strategic Report 2018

Issues and Problems

The Egyptian Strategic Report 2018 – Issues and Problems adopts a new approach for addressing the developments and transformations in Egypt during 2018. This approach is different from the approach adopted during the preparation of Egyptian Strategic Report 2017, which adopted a monitoring approach in addressing what Egypt witnessed of events in 2017, with providing some analyses on a limited number of issues.

In addressing the Egyptian situation in 2018, we adopt an analytical approach in dealing with development of the most significant issues during the year, including their regional and international extensions.

Given the military nature of the current ruling regime in Egypt, we gave priority to issues of military and security dimensions, not only in the sense that they were the focus of political and media attention during 2018, but also, perhaps more importantly, for their likely repercussions on the future of the ruling regime in Egypt as well as the future of stability in the Egyptian State.

In this context, a number of key issues and problems have emerged such as:

  • On the political level: The Eastern Mediterranean Gas,
  • On the security level: The Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018,
  • On the military level: Armament of the Egyptian army,
  • On the media level: Analyzing the Discourse of the Military and their Vision of the State and Society,
  • On the social level: The National Project for Treatment of C Virus.

This fourth issue of the Egyptian Strategic Report is devoted to addressing such significant issues with the aim of building a holistic vision on the transformations of the state and society in Egypt and their implications on the present as well as their future paths.

Contents of the Report

Chapter I: Political Issues – The Internal and External Interactions

First Topic: The Egyptian Scene – Transformations and Opportunities for Change

Second Topic: The Minimum Alignment and Management of Mock Elections

Third Topic: Sisi’s Oath of Office and Reproduction of Polarization

Fourth Topic: Militarization of the Political Parties in Egypt

Fifth Topic: Dimensions of Gas Deals between Egypt and Israel

Chapter II: Economic Issues: Pillars of Economic Development in Egypt

Pillars of Economic Development in Egypt: A Framework Paper

Chapter III: Strategic Issues – Military Deployment Plans and the Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018

First Topic: The Egyptian Army: Military Deployment Plans 2018

Second Topic: The Comprehensive Military Operation Sinai 2018

Chapter IV: Media issues: policies, perceptions and leaks

First Topic: Media Policies in Egypt

Second Topic: Egyptian Army’s Perception of Itself, the State and the People

Third Topic: What the Military Do Not Say: Leaks from Inside

Chapter V: Social Issues: Projects and Crises

First Topic: Egypt’s Universal Health Insurance Bill

Second Topic: The National Project for the Treatment of C Virus

Third Topic: Dropout of Doctors: Crises and Repercussions

Fourth Topic: Egypt Monuments: Discoveries and Thefts

Read the full strategic report in Arabic here

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