Egypt’s Strategic Report – 2017

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Egypt’s Strategic Report – 2017


Since the 25 January Revolution of 2011, Egypt has witnessed many political, economic, strategic and security transformations, which have had many internal, regional and international repercussions. Since its inception in 2014, the Egyptian Institute of Studies (EIS) has been keen to address these transformations, through various levels, including:
– The analytical level: (Researches & studies, reports, assessments, analyses, and op-eds),
– The interactive level: (Lectures, seminars, conferences, and workshops).
As part of this research and interactive interest, the Egyptian Institute of Studies presents this annual report on the political, economic, military, social, and security developments of the Egyptian scene in 2017. The EIS report draws the features of the Egyptian scene, and provides an accurate reading of reality, according to which appropriate perceptions and policies can be set to effectively address the report outcomes.
The EIS annual report also includes a special section on the most important reports of the Hebrew media and the Israeli research centers about the Egyptian issues. This axis comes in light of the strategic relations that have been enhanced between the military regime in Egypt (after 2013) and the Israeli government.
The Egyptian Institute for Studies presents this report to officials, researchers and the public in general, hoping that it will be a means to raise awareness about the issues of concern and an introduction to the enhancement of community participation in building and managing public policies; as well as understanding the present and future reality of the Egyptian situation, in pursuit of building a democratic civilian State with a strong cultural identity.

Egypt’s Strategic Report – 2017

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