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Against Muslim Brotherhood or Against Islam

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Against Muslim Brotherhood or Against Islam


The study demonstrates that Donald Trump’s campaign for USA presidency was loaded with evident racist statements against Muslims in general, as well as the so called “Radical Islam”. Trump went too far in this trend to the extent that he pledged during his campaign to ban Muslims in general from entering the USA.

Most analysts abundantly ruled out the possibility of Trump’s ascendancy to the American presidency. But when he, against all speculations, won the elections, the majority of them emphasized that the U.S. is a constitutional state, and accordingly, all what was hurled during Trump’s campaign was nothing but a mere attempt to attract the extreme right wing voters by adopting a populist approach that could not be actually implemented; whether speaking about his stances towards Muslims, or towards many other issues raised during his campaign.

Yet, as soon as he took office, Trump exploited his right to issue executive orders to undertake legislations without needing the Congress endorsement, especially that he knew that the latter would probably not pass them. Trump went too far in issuing executive orders in his first week in Oval Office. His very first executive orders revealed that he was serious about putting his campaign promises into action. His populist speeches evolved into a populist policy widely supported by a big array of the American population that voted for him.

On the other hand, even before Trump’s ascendancy to the U.S. presidency, both Senator Ted Cruz, who ran against Trump for Republican Party presidential nomination; and Senator Mario Diaz Balart, introduced two bills that call the U.S. state department to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization (FTO). Not later than sixty days after the enactment of the bill, the state department would have to submit to Congress whether the MB meets the criteria to be designated as a terrorist organization, and if not, the Secretary of State should explain why not.

This study was designed to examine in depth the above context. It was divided into major parts as follows:

Firstly: Designating MB as a Foreign Terrorist Organization: The Reasons and the Possibilities

Secondly: The New Administration and Its Anti Islam Trends

Thirdly: What to Be Done? Are There Any Opportunities?

The study demonstrated the real reasons behind the attempt to designate the MB as FTO. It also concluded that the trends of the new administration are actually far beyond targeting the MB. It concluded that the current campaign is actually against Islam and stems from a combination of ideological factors, imperial domination ambitions and rival political trends. Powers standing behind this combination are probably of the conviction that regional and international environment is suitable to launch such an assault and claim victory. This is mainly because of the current weak and torn situation of Muslims around the world, in addition to the pushing of counter- revolutions that sabotaged the first wave of the Arab spring; and the escalation of ethnic and sectarian conflicts; especially the Sunni- Shiite conflict, that the new American administration will make sure to amplify it and turn it into a fierce clash that depletes resources and drags the whole region many years backwards.

However, the American and International reactions on every level reveal that the anti-Islam attitude is not really the trend in the whole of USA, and consequently there are many opportunities for Muslims to interact, rather than getting into conflicts, in a much better way with all forces supporting freedom and struggling against oppression. Such cooperation, would lead to creating coalitions capable of showing the bright truth of Islam, instead of the bloody misleading fallacies that the extremists are promoting to gain populist support for their racist agendas.

The Study also urged Muslim countries not to be pulled towards new bloody military conflicts that the nationalist faction of the new American administration would attempt to ignite. It specifically warned that that the new administration will manoeuvre to trigger new wars between gulf countries and Iran, reminding of the Iraqi- Iranian war and all its catastrophic repercussions that continue to affect the whole region until present days.

The study also stressed, that no matter what mistakes all parties involved have, it is crucial to avoid such scenarios in order to impair all the plans of those who want to incite fierce clashes that are meant to change the world according to their view.

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